April 21, 2016

  Growing up my mother Norma made, in my own opinion better food than anyone or any restaurant I ever ate at. One of her specialties was an amazing flan she would make on special occasions. The flan was always so creamy and dense and the caramel was always perfect. After asking her, she shared her famous recipe with me and wrote it down on scrap piece of paper which I still cherish today. Over the course of five years, I made many changes to her recipe until I came up with my best flan variant. Everyone’s first reaction would be”Oh my Goodness, this is the best flan I have ever tasted, you should sell this stuff”. Well after getting that same reaction from everyone, I gave it a lot of thought and talked about it to my family. At the end of 2015 I decided it was time to share my flan with the world and started Niaddi LLC. which is a play on my wife and children’s names. My passion will provide for my family but my debt is to my Mother. I love you Mom, I dedicate this to you.

About The Logo

  The logo was inspired by the American P.O.W. flag.  And since I have always been a strong supporter of our military I wanted a way to pay tribute. People always ask me “Are you Muslim, or Middle Eastern”? No, I am not. I am first generation American from Cuban decent. Both of my parents were born in Cuba and in their early teens they immigrated to the best country in the world, the United Stated of America! As for my beard….it just looks good.